Sinai Renewal Centre

After having received the Word from the Crucified Lord himself “to rebuild the Church which was in ruins”, St. Francis of Assisi set out to renew the church by a new way of gospel living in Fraternity, Minority, and in Absolute Poverty. He moved along the streets of Assisi crying that “Love” is not being loved and preaching the gospel message to one and all. As he moved like a herald of peace many were attracted to this way of life and followed the path which was shone by St. Francis of Assisi. Thus in 1823 with blessing and bull of the Pope Innocent III the Order of Friars Minor was instituted.

As the Order grew and flourished throughout the world and spread its branches it took the message and spirit of St. Francis with it where it went. Thus the Franciscan renewal which originated in Italy spread to India and to Kerala.

It was in 5th of February 1991 that Sinai Ashram of St. Thomas Syro-malabar Capuchin province was established in Diocese of Palghat in the district of Palakkad at Mudoor, adjacent to Kozhikode-Mannarkkad highway. Sinai Renewal Centre for Chrismatic retreat and prayer was established in the same year adjoining to Sinai Ashram. Rev. Fr. Paul Adambukulam is the Founder and the First director of Sinai Renewal centre. After its erection and establishment Sinai Renewal center grew and flourished under its dedicated directors in persons of Fr. Benny Vettickanakudy, Fr. Joy Menachery, Fr. Jose Mundadan, Fr. George Kunnel and Fr. Antony Vadakkan. Sinai Renewal centre stands out as a beacon of Hope and salvation for thousands who flock to it. Sinai Renewal Center touches the lives of thousands of wounded and troubled souls who seeks consolation and refuge by bringing them to the light of the Word of God. At presently the Baton of Sinai Renewal Center is under directorship of Rev. Fr. Jain Thekkekunnel. Sinai Renewal Centre continues its journey forward by becoming a place for spiritual animation and renewal of lives as it is destined.

“The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all who encounter Jesus. Those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, inner emptiness and loneliness. With Christ, joy is constantly born anew.” Pope Francis

And of course, a story about St. Francis.  This one will be about the good saint and the wolf of Gubbio.  A rather large, and nasty wolf had been bothering the good people of Gubbio.  It was a cunning creature, and all the townspeople were afraid of it.  “We need to get rid of this wolf!” was the general consensus.  Yet, there was no one to go after the vicious creature.  Finally, someone suggested they invite St. Francis to come and see about the wolf.  Come and see the holy Friar did, and when he came back to the towns people, it was with the big wolf at his side.  After that, the wolf was practically the pet of Gubbio.